New Paintings – Works in Progress

2022 has been a really busy and chaotic year so far.. but then again, so was 2021 and 2020..

Aside from the regular digital art, animation and design work that flows in (gratefully and thankfully!), I have been working on a lot of new drawings and paintings! 

I wanted to share a series of new painting works in progress. Some of these are about 80% complete (1 has been completed and already sold via commission – can you guess which one?) It is my ambition to show these works in a public galley space here in NYC this coming year. Im looking to make new connections and relationships that will help bring these pieces to the public.

The paintings are about finding harmony and order amidst the chaos of life. I write this from the perspective of a Deaf person, and what that means in relationship to both painting and how I experience the world. Life is very different when I wear hearing aids versus when I do not. I will be sharing more on this as the works progress.

Feel free to comment below! 

I hope you enjoy!