Drawing -> DRAWING -> DrawING

Cant stop. Wont stop.

Here we go, and welcome back! Its time to share a brand new series of drawings that have been completed over the course of the last few months. The first image below is the latest and greatest. I have to admit, Im big fan of the dance and tensions created between traditional drawing and digital practices. The digital advantage is the immediacy of colorizing, adding textures, iterations and sharing abilities. But the aesthetics, those dang aesthetics!  For example, I love the 1980s and 1990s comic book offset style of printing. I recreate this aesthetic with digital tools like adobe photoshop. Not only is it fun to figure out how to “recreate” these styles, but I also find myself making more future plans around those kinds of aesthetics.

The gallery of style and aesthetics in the works below are expanding. I continue to draw everyday. Whether it is for my own practice and work, client work or tutorials during teaching, I owe much gratitude to the energy of this universe that makes me feel the immediate need and desire to do it everyday. I hope you enjoy this! Most of these works are untitled at this point but the narratives grow each and every day! You will also see the linear transitions in the pieces from vector styles into more rough quality aesthetics (theres that word aesthetics again!)


More to come. Do you have a favorite? Drop a comment below and lets discuss!