Art Work of the Month :: June 2013

The Energy of Many Blk&Wht

June is busy month for me. Usually June allots a bit more free time after the busy spring semester but this year, it is filled with energetic projects, new shows and all around fun stuff. Did I mention that none of this ever feels like work? Im participating in two great group shows this month, the Crest Harware show in Williamburg, as well as the Welling Court Mural project. Im completing a mural painting residency with high school students at HALA, Jamaica High School, working on collaborative pieces with a few of my favorite artists, jumping into a few new free-lance web design projects, and preparing content for my summer courses in July. Good high energy, and this is how I like it, creatively busy and productive. The painting above was completed last night 6/4/13. It’s a black and white sketch for the Welling court mural project and festival in Astoria on Saturday June 15th. I worked in watered down black acrylic paint on large strips of paper. It measures about 10 feet wide by 12 feet high. I wanted to see how much time it would take me to get the black outline pinned down. 3.5 hours working time. Not bad for some good focused working time in the studio. The only issue now, is that I really like the black and white image. It creates a great contrast with all of the color in the space that it resides in. Will it do the same out on the street? Or will the color create more of a contrast that is complimentary? The only way to find out is to continue to series, so this I will do. I will also have a larger canvas stretched to complete a gallery caliber rendition. Stay tuned.


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