New Studio Installations from 2/12/11
Originally uploaded by The ART of Ryan Seslow.

This is the last day of a 2 month studio installation that has challenged me. Most of the works in this piece are in progress, even though some would say they are complete. Its a grainy photo, it was taken at dusk and I have since taken better photos. I will post those over on my flickr page soon. When it comes to working with a wall I usually like to work less geometrically. But something about the composite idea attracted me, and I have since given it some thought. 15 paintings arranged, all at the same size, composed into a grid. This creates a visual harmony. I’m not sure if the content even matters at this point. I like the idea of creating a visual narrative, or even more so, allowing and inducing the viewer to do so. Storyboard #1 I suppose. All of the works have been painted onto recycled canvas’s. That’s right, mostly discards from my classes, and some donated discards.