Technophemera #237 series a&b

Originally uploaded by The ART of Ryan Seslow.
Technophemera Series #237

The Technophemera series is an ongoing examination in the ephemeral aspects of technology today. Here today, gone tomorrow. Devices like keyboards, from only 5 years ago look like dinosaurs now. Yet, we still recognize then, some of these designs were super sticky. They have grown on us, and we want to continue to interact with them, well at least I do. So, to keep some of these designs a part of my world I am altering their context and displacing them into the changing world. The keyboards function as sculptures. Mostly designed to active the floor and walls spaces on the interior, but also able to with stand the out door elements. They are also being photographed in places and spaces one may not expect to encounter them in ( Ill post those soon ). I have cast the keyboards in hydraulic cement. The hydraulic cement later caused cracks and splits in the keyboard mold as it tried to expand. A perfect metaphor for the ephemeral aspect of their purpose in this format. The Technophemera series will soon gets its own set on my flickr page. This will help me isolate it a bit more to develop it as it evolves.