New Works in 2010
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I  love to make art that allows for me to quickly create many variations of the same idea. Im interested in the transcendence of ideas. Mostly through various mediums in both subtle variation and extreme variation. NEWYAWK is a universal tag and also my t-shirt brand. I started writing that in 1995 or earlier. A recent rubber stamp has been made to promote the brand on t-shirts, as limited edition prints on paper and canvas, and for immediate expression when the energy takes hold. Rubber stamp print making always inspired me. It seemed like an even faster method to outcome than screen printing. Plus its a hell of a lot less steps in process. Don’t get me wrong, I love the process, but sometimes immediacy of process captures more of my attention. Rubber stamp prints retain the hand work as a drawing would. I like to enhance the gauge of the line. I just got myself a few boxes of rubber blocks at 5X7 per block. With a bit of duct tape on the back, you can join them together to make large forms, and fragment them later for printing. Variety variety. The image above is variation #52 from 2 stamps that originally started as other ideas.

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