Collab with Michael Branson Smith

New GIF Collabs with Michael Branson Smith.

Begun 4/13/14


Im up and onto another collaboration series. I know, I know, but I can get enough! My #GIFFIGHT partner and colleague Michael Branson Smith generated this great old TV vector and passed it along to me with carte blanche permission. Do I need say any more? This page will serve as an archive and exhibition space for the GIFs and imagery generated through out the project. Lets see what happens.


4/16/14 – I shot this still frame of the 1st GIF piece with my iPhone off of my old iMac G5 from 2004. The monitor is completely shot but it still works. It is internet ready and creates various effects on a random changing basis. This in and of itself is another whole project that I am exploring. Im taking this image to photoshop soon.


4/17/14 – I adapted my Jonny Quest take off character to the TV vectors. This is an attempt to show an over stimulated sense of hypnotic movement. I hear the words “You Must Obey” repeat over and over as I watch the animation. I feel that it holds up all by itself, but here is an additional foreground image added to the animation as well.


4/22/14 It seemed only natural to blast the head out of one of the TVs in motion, so here we have it. I wanted to play with minimizing the image as a whole so I generated this piece below. I feel as if it is a sketch for something still developing, but nonetheless it holds up nicely. I like the idea of a slot machine jackpot metaphor, and this is part of an extension of my ongoing graffanimation series as well as the encrypted fills project.


more on the way…


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