Ryan Seslow is the co-creator and curator of The Streaming Festival Student Edition. This is an international student based exhibition that streams out of The Netherlands. The program ran November 13th – 19th 2009.

Featuring the Artists 

Gaia :: Nung-Hsin Hu :: Christi Nielsen :: Raffi Asdourian

Mission:: We are here to activate your creative potential. We are here to extend and develop an international platform that will allow for networking and interaction with artists and educators from all over the world. The program and its participants examine the works that were created during an artists student years. We are here to promote streaming Internet based exhibitions that includes the entire world as it’s audience. This is the streaming festival student edition’s first inaugural show, it is our intention to build and develop its process through the interactions that take place on the site and in the forums. All are welcome to participate in the reviewing!

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