“A Visual Manipulation of Your Senses” is a short video art piece that was created a few years ago. It’s a single channel video meant to loop over and over again, (but you as the viewer in this context must manually replay the video in order to watch it multiple times over the internet.) In the past, I have used the video as an additional component in several of my large scale installations. In this context, a looping DVD would automatically play on a flat screen monitor that was hidden within the installation fragments. The video was created from several still images of my drawings and paintings. This was mostly based on a colorful series of works on paper. I used imovie filters to create the grainy effects, nothing fancy. The mirror effect metaphorically communicates two sides to everything that we perceive. We have our own perception, and the opposite one, which could be the perception or interpretation of another person, or a part of ourselves that we do not see. Sometimes things that we need to see or understand are right in front of us, but somehow, it takes us a long time to see it. I suppose, we all have lessons to learn, hence the bumps in the road. The colors, forms, and shapes represent the infinite amount of creativity that we experience on this planet. The elements of art remind us that we are connected to everything and everyone in so many ways. This idea makes us omnipotent. The video provokes the viewer by letting them know that they are participating in an experiment. One that has the ability to change their old behaviors. At this moment the viewer resonates with what is indeed an unwanted personal behavior. The video claims to remove the old behavioral patterns by simply watching. Perhaps this experience is enough catalyst to actually induce one to take action. A change of heart, or a decision to change may be activated.