Projection Installation.

Studies with Light, Space, & Ephemera, this installation challenges the context of my living space.  I enjoy having the control over what happens in this space with my work. Technology expands with or with out us, that is kind of scary and exciting at the same time. It makes me think about what my direct relationship to technology is. Especially since I am interested in using it as an art medium. It seems more and more like an experiential perception of our own sub-personalities. Perhaps some that we do not know very well yet? I love technology, and how I am continuing to find more ephemeral uses of it to generate new art. This installation lasted for about 2 hours. I documented it by taking several photos, and some video, but now it seems to be transcending itself into sharable data. I had been playing with the idea for a while, but I had not completed a solid body of enough work to potentially show. Just recently my good friend and colleague Winn Rea and I had a conversation about some of the projects that we will doing with our 3D/4D Design students at LIU’s CW Post campus this spring semester 2012. The course emphasizes the principles of 3D design and studio techniques in sculpture. We have since added a 4D aspect to the class using video as a means to experiment, understand,  and learn how to use “time” as a means of communication. The students resonate with this as most of them are tech savvy. Winn came up with a great idea to have the students create the time based video works by incorporating objects to project the works directly onto.  I will share the results while they are in progress and when they have been completed. I will also participate in this project myself.