On drawing and seeing, more.

Originally uploaded by The ART of Ryan Seslow.

The image above is a drawing based on observed ideas constructed from an empty bleach bottle, and what else it can be. A picture is a “something” upon a flat surface. A drawing is a matter of certain marks that can be executed onto a piece of paper, and how one will translate those intricacies. The great, or not so great, yet still visual or imagined impressions of lines and tones is the business with which our technique is concerned, or perhaps abandoned through the repetition of poor habits. The ease, as it will become easier with practice, yes, practice, with which an artist will be able to remember an impression in a form from which he can work, will depend upon his power to analyze both an inner and outer vision in this technical sense. The more one knows about what I call “the anatomy of picture making”, will show how certain forms produce certain effects. It will be easier for him to carry away a visual memory of his subject that will stand by him during the creative, or tedious hours of his labors at the picture. The more one knows and understands the expressive power of lines and tones, the more easily he or she will be able to observe the vital things in nature that convey the impression one wishes to memorize. The more that you see..the more you will see.


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