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October 2017 – New Visitor’s note – I am always in the process experimenting with the design of this website! Thats right, there are exciting changes in the process all the time! I am treating this recent update as a transparent project. Meaning, I am blogging about it as I work on it. Please read this post first to help your navigation –> CLICK HERE!

Memories / Memory

Memories embedded as Memory. Frozen by Temperature. Outdated by time and duration. Stories can always be retold. This is a sculpture. A temporary one if you would just let it go.. This is an outdated hard-drive. I made it from using urethane silicon...

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NEW – G I F S ->>

MAKING  N E W  gifs !!!  Do you love GIF animations? Well, Of course! Here is a new series of animated GIFS that were created this past week. Some of them are old Mac icons that I manipulated and generated textures with. The others are based on vector...

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