Want to hire Ryan Seslow for Design services?

1. Graphic Design, Web Design, GIFs, Animation & Illustration: I am available for short and long term design work. Frequent inquiries include vector graphics & illustration for the web, advertising, editorial, and children’s books. Logo design & development, logo re-design, branding, computer graphics, brocures, catalogs, business cards, stationary, GIF animation, motion graphics in stop motion and banner formats, digital art, wordpress installation, web design, site re-design & blog set up. Do you have a special request? Contact me.

2. Commissions & Acquisitions of Fine Art Works: Private commissions, acquisitions, and price quotes are available upon request by e-mailing me directly here-

3. Artist Lectures & Speaking Services: I am available for guest lectures about my work and other art related subject matter. Please inquire directly about content and topics. Guest lectures usually run between 30-60 minutes (or longer by request) using a digital image and video presentation format. Video chat based presentations are also available.

4. Guest Artist Residencies, Workshops, and Collaborative Projects: I am available for both short term and long term projects. On site residencies, workshops, and collaborative projects are usually most sought after by both private and public high schools, colleges and universities. In most cases high schools will contact me directly to come in and work with their art students for 4-6 weeks on a project, or a series of diverse projects that introduce new techniques and methods of art making. Colleges and universities will seek specialized knowledge for longer term time frames that last 10 -15 weeks during the regular semesters, or 1-4 weeks over the summers or winter terms.

5. Private Lessons: One on one or small group lessons in specific studio areas :: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Graphic Design, & Digital Art.

For all inquires and acquisitions please contact me here::

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