Video Still Frame from “Ongoing 3”

Something New to Dictate the Habitual.

We all love the fact that we need to control things. It’s a part of our
human make up. Every so often, I feel that it is important to let ourselves
“go a bit” as a result of that. Go, meaning, allow for something new to dictate to the habitual way that we do things. In this case, the way that we make our art, and create our works in general on a regular basis. I believe that all human beings are creators. We are all artists with in context.  This is a
wonderful energy for self discovery, healing, re-inventing the self, and
simply learning. Experimentation is the key. You can choose any medium that you are working in really. I have chosen an older digital video art film in this case. The image above is based on a film that I made in 2005. “Installation ongoing part 3.”  The emphasis of this experimental film is on its narrative and composition, but also on its technique development. Technique meaning,
while I was developing new ways of creating the piece, I
would document and record the process itself. I would then leave those parts unedited for a later critique (to stay out of my own way). I want to make assessments and ask critical questions from the existing works as well as with new pieces while they are in process. I have learned that we should not underestimate the power of our older works or past ideas. They can become quite handy at a later date.  The image above is a video film still held on pause. I let the unedited captured video play and then pause it on various scenes and compositions. These are the ones that I find visually intriguing, aesthetically beautiful, or simply thought-provoking. While I have the single frame in pause mode, I take various snap shots of the images. I then print them out onto transparency paper. The transparencies are then re-projected (with an overhead projector) directly onto the monitor. I have used something that has an
existing still frame while still on pause, and I have worked with moving images as well. Both have created fantastic manual filters. At this point using a variety of
capturing mediums ( digital still cameras, digital video camera, 16 mm
cameras, and various new and outdated camera phones ) I continue to take a series of pictures and videos. This creates a layering effect with various grains and textures. This process allows for many new presentation options. Some of these images are printed, some of them can be re-manipulated with photo-shop, some of them are cut up and placed into collage based arrangements of two-dimensional works on paper. Some of them
will be turned into still frames and displayed with the edited films themselves.   The list goes on, I’m sure that you get the idea. How can you expand your habitual process’ to learn and discover something new? Take some time to reassess what you have been doing. The end of the year is perfect for this. Take stock! Take a look into your index of past works, find the diamonds in the rough, the ones that are waiting to be cultivated by your imagination. You can watch the film here :