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Essay :: 12/22/12 :: “Transcending Ideas, Ideas, & Ideas.”

What to Do when you run out of ideas, concepts and content : Have you run out of ideas, concepts and or content for creating new works of ART? It is important to know and understand how we learn. Actually, you could apply this exercise to any form of creative development. The trick is to become aware of the fact that YOU can create new methods yourself, but today, I’m going to share one            with you.

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Essay 11/8/12 :: “The Self Promotion of Your Inner World”

The image above is a work of art.
It consists of a few fragments that makes up the whole. I may even
add a few more things to it. I would not call myself a “collage artist”
simply because I’m arranging content, forms, and shapes into a composition. I don’t feel like those actions can fully define that title. These kinds of confrontations provoke me to ask myself: do artists
really need specific discipline titles other than just “artist?”

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Essay 10/17/12 :: “Drawing Connections: Spirituality, Creativity, Imagination, and your Expressive Potential.”

Could spirituality, creativity, imagination, and your creative potential be inter-related? Could this be the activating action taking formula that we have been waiting for? First things first, lets get clear on spirituality and define it, what is spirituality? Spirituality is NOT just an association with any one type of religion or philosophy. One must understand this. Spirituality manifests itself through many variations of life. Spirituality is an understanding that life expands from a certain inward place.

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Essay 10/12/12:: “The Transcendance of Graffiti, Works Evolving.”      

Over the last few months I have been working on a new series of collage based graffiti influenced works. The pieces above and below are the newest as of today. Although they have a flat digital feel here, they are actually images that have been multi-layered  and put through several different processes to achieve the over all outcome. These pieces, and others like them have brought to my attention several new things about my work. I was born and raised in New York, and I still live and work here. I became influenced by NYC subway graffiti as early as 1984. I wasn’t even a teenager yet, but I knew at the time that I wanted to learn how to write graffiti. By 1986 graffiti, breakdancing, hip hop, and the b-boy movement had furiously spread through all five boroughs as well as Long Island. The fusion of these energies was indeed the perfect formula.

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Essay 9/22/12 : “10 Ideas that can generate additional income for Artists.”

Target Markets & Actions to Take. This post is an extended version of an essay I wrote titled “Self Defining what you can do with YOUR MFA in Fine Art. ( you can read that whole essay here: ) The essay was at first geared towards master of fine arts (MFA) degree candidates and recipients, but I understand that this info below can be useful to all kinds of artists and creative people. Feel free to customize it for your own medium and desires. It is my intension to catapult you into action.

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Essay:: 9/16/2012 “How to Expand More Awareness on a Sensory Level.” 

Do you often question, observe, and describe what you see, hear, smell, touch and feel? There is an extraordinary world out there. How do we fine-tune our sensory awareness to expand upon our experiences? It all begins with understanding that life is played on a physical game board. An artist’s vocabulary easily can apply to the external physical world. Do you recall the elements of art?

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 Essay:: 08/23/2012

“Self-Defining what you can do with an MFA in Fine Art”

After hearing a pattern of complaints from both recent graduates and current candidates about what one can do with an MFA in fine art I decided to become a part of the answer to the question. “What can I do with my MFA?” I began working on this as a blog post, but it has turned into much more. The purpose of this information is to activate awareness, creative solutions, and a change of consciousness about what one can do with the seemingly elusive terminal degree. I also want to help you understand what YOU can do as an MFA degree holder rather than what you may have expected it to do for you. This puts you in a position of empowerment to be able to CHOOSE what you will create next. This post will function as an expanding work in progress as the comments and feedback will take on their own life. I will later consolidate a “best of” section to help narrow down your search for answers. Please add to this thread and take from it what you will. Share it with those who “pop into your mind” as you read it.

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Essay:: 7/31/12 “The Fledgling, a Photo, a Magazine cover, & Synchronicity”

This image will be on the cover of Fiction International’s upcoming Fall 2012 Quarterly issue. It has reminded me of something important. I need to be really open about things and how they happen. I  want to keep reminding myself about this. I have noticed that a series of “meaningful co-incedences” have found me, I have listened and it has excited me. I am aware that as an artist, I  may have to deal with the fact that others may see something in my work that I do not. I  have to be open to saying “YES” and seeing where that “yes” will go. This helps me build trust in others, and ultimately helps build new relationships.

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Essay :: 7/3/12 :: “Calculating the Value of Art with a Self-Experience.”

I admit it, I love to help people. In fact, I need your help and participation with this blog post. As both an artist and a person who enjoys collecting art I have been asking myself some critical questions to help break some old patterns. I feel that artists can often fall into the trap of either over selling or under selling their works (myself included.) This does not apply to those who opt out of selling their work by choice. (Although I am interested in why?) This blog post has evolved into a research project, so lets consider this part one.

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Essay:: 5/26/12 A Lost Drawing, Process & Technique part 1″

In late 2009 after visiting several cathedrals and museums abroad, I began to re-revisit a lot of renaissance art.  I do reference such time periods in a lot of my teaching, but I usually tend to have a specific relevance in mind with the projects we are working on. Unconsciously I believe, I was seeking something else of a personal nature. In my examinations both online and through library research, I started to collect a series of renaissance images that inspired me. I very rarely feel the need to duplicate anything that already exists, but I do enjoy exercising the inspiration into other “suchness.” Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper had always captured my interest. I enjoy looking at the piece, and love how it holds my attention for long periods of time consistently. I took action…..

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 Essay : 5/20/2012:: “What to do when you’re ART is NOT selling or moving”

OK, you are super productive, your ART is amazing, and you have total confidence in yourself and your work…BUT, it’s not selling at the moment, in fact it has not moved in months now! No sales, or showing opportunities. You see it, its collecting dust, its piling up, its getting in the way of creating new work, you are stacking other things on top of it and no longer know where or what is there… Guess what? You have got yourself a GOOD problem. I know, I know, How so? First of all, you get to continue your education on resourcefulness and stretch that mind of yours. As an artist you are already a creative surge of problem solving energy!

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Essay :: 4/17/2012 :: “2D design project. A Shared Idea, Inspiration, Transcendence, Evolution, & Collaboration.”

The images below are the result of two single images. Pablo Picasso and Kurt Schwitters are two of my favorite artists. I wanted to use them as inspiration for this series of collage works. These are the first few pieces from my experiments.  Each piece is sized at 8.5″X11″. The desire to create a body of works like this came from my interest in a series of works created by the students one of my colleague at CUNY QCC….

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Essay:: 4/15/12, “On Color, Painting & Style Building”

This painting above is almost complete. I posted this progress image onto my flickr page in late January of 2012. I will soon post the final piece, as well as the 6 others that have evolved as a result. This blog post has taken several different directions already. I love that about process in general, one idea expands another, and before you know it, you are onto several other topics. Let me start here, and try to pull this together as we read on….

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Essay 2/26/12 :: “A Self Portrait & a Moment of Satori.

Above is an image of me. I’m holding up a mirror and looking into it. OK, perhaps not exactly, but it is one potentiality of how I see and perceive myself. This is a watered down acrylic painting mixed with some colored pencil over it. I layered it with a nice thick clear acrylic medium. It is mounted on a sturdy illustration board. I may frame it. I may not. I think Ill let my friends and followers on TWITTER help me decide WHAT to do with it next.

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Essay 1/11/2012:: “Explaining My Installation Work.”

I’m over-stimulated, I admit it. I also admit that I love that part of myself. My case of  over-stimulation, which was once claimed be to be “hyperactive” seems to have transcended itself nicely. I can’t blame the doctors of the 1970’s who’s misdiagnosis of my early symptoms of radical creativity were in fact something else…

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Essay 1/5/12 :: “Symbols+Icons+Avatars+Codes=Branding Ourselves

Consciously and unconsciously we are branding ourselves! This is the fact
of the matter, as I perceive of course. Indeed, some people are doing this
intentionally with much energy and enthusiasm. Others are becoming
aware as the process unfolds. I am one of those people…..

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