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Portal into Infinity, 2013, GIF.

Essay :: 12/1/13

“Identifying a Trend”

This GIF is another experiment with turning tangible objects and things that I have made into animations. The moving image in this piece is a cement cast that I modeled out of clay and plaster carvings. A rubber mold was made from the finished piece and a series of casts were produced. All in all, the whole process took about 8 hours from start to finish, plus each cast takes about thirty minutes to generate. I enjoy this process. It takes time and attention to bring my mental image to life. I am aware of the contrast that this process gives me both mentally and physically. Some of these pieces have been shown indoors traditionally, and some have been left on the streets to provoke public art awareness. There is a bigger explanation to this series of works as a separate sequence that I will come back to later. Below, is an image of one of the first casts isolated by itself. Han Solo frozen in carbonite? No exactly, but on an unconscious level there could be some connection to that as I continue to mind jog through the card catalog of childhood influences.

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Essay :: 11/30/13

“Reflecting on a Year of GIF Making”


A year goes by too fast! We all say this at some point for various reasons and interpretations, but when one is engrained in projects that they love, inspiration flows and the accessible amounts of energy seem endless. I feel that way about a lot of things at the moment, but the year flew by! Five years ago I had an awareness of animated GIFs, but I didn’t seem to have the interest in generating them. I had learned how to, but hmm, no interest at that time, how does that work? I ask myself this question today because it has been a very productive year of generating a large series of GIFs each and every month for a variety of purposes. This attention has had a focus for a steady straight year. Will this be slowing down anytime soon? I highly doubt it so I wanted to take the time to share and reflect upon the projects both ongoing and completed      so far.

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 Essay :: 11/26/13

“The Slide Hack Experiment”

Slide Hack 9

Im always seeking new ways to create and communicate through visual imagery. Even if I don’t have a specific concept or meaning to what I generate. Sometimes the subject matter is simply “making art” at first. I love the fact that today’s technology provides us with so many ways to be experimental. Not solely based on the use of computers, but to have the option to mix the analog and the outdated with the new and the advanced. I feel that one of the most traditional roles of any artist is to generate new ways of looking at the world, objects and things. I am lucky to work simultaneously between 4 universities here in NY. Over the last five years I have discovered that some of the old slide libraries have since been dormant and left abandoned. I have taken advantage of working with some of these precious fossils. Yes, I called them fossils, but I find the first series of experiments to be jewels of new awareness. As an undergraduate art student many years ago, I had an abundant art history course load of requirements. Slide lectures seemed like they would never end, depending on the professor, some were very limiting and boring, and some were energetic and enthusiastic. Either way, I always enjoyed what I would be exposed to. Back then, I never considered viewing the slide projector as a medium for future art making.

Slide Hack NYC

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Essay :: 11/24/13

“The GIF the Portrait Project”


The GIF the Portrait Project 2014  has an Open Call and a Rolling Deadline. Calling all GIF makers and 2D Design Students.

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Essay :: 10/25/13

“The Self-Business of Time”

Hard Drive Exam

Who are you in relationship to how you understand time? Is there enough time in each day for you? Modern science has explained space, but they still have not fully explained time. Time is the inexplicable intelligent substance of everything. With time everything is possible, but without time, nothing? The infinite supply of time is a miracle. You do agree don’t you? It is a concept that goes beyond the comprehensible vastness of astonishing. When we examine the idea of time, oh, you mean that you simply do not have time to try to understand time? By the way, when was the last time that you examined time in relationship to YOUR LIFE? Each day we wake up and you discover that day has been magically granted another twenty four hours! 24 hours to experience the unmanufactured cellular fibers in the universe of your life!

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Essay :: 9/4/13

“From Still to Motion, Making the Pieces Move”



I generated a new series of collages and one GIF animation this Friday as I awaited my 2D design class to roll in at CUNY York College. It was the first day of classes for my Friday schedule this fall. I have written quite a bit on this blog about taking advantage of the in between moments in life to create art and this was indeed the case. I have to admit, it was intentional. I get up earlier than I need to on Fridays to beat the commute into Jamaica, and to use the large open studio space before class. I give myself an hour to spread out and cut up my screen prints, rubber stamp prints, photo copies, drawings and other works on paper to generate the collage works. This is a practice that I not only love, but it keeps me sharp as I teach the 2D design course. The course has an emphasis on the principles of design and the how to understanding of generating compositions and arrangement variations. Introducing and applying new techniques is another part of the course as well as the integration of how manual works of art can become digital works. Did you notice that the second image in the post came to life? This fall we will put in a good amount of time creating GIF animations from some of the manual works created in class. Im super excited to do this with my class. 2013 and technology brought us here. It amazes me how fast time goes by, and how the integration of computers, software and technology in the classroom have become a my sidekick. The pieces in this post took a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes to create start to finish. I used standard 8.5 X 11″ paper to work on as my picture plane boundaries. I like this size for collage work because it is accessible and easy to transport. I also think of it as a good book size. I have been working on two, one vertical and one horizontal. More on that soon.

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Essay :: 7/30/13

The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti, Class Structure, Process & Reflection 2013.

I created this post for as a guest blogger on 7/30/13. To read the shortened version over there check out –

Inline image 2

Street Art & Graffiti has entered the college and university level. It was long overdue. At both Long Island University (Post campus) and this coming year at CUNY York College students earn 3 credits towards their degree requirements in the areas of art history, studio art, or as an art elective. “The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti” is the title of the course that I created and began teaching at LIU Post in 2010. One may think that the course would have trouble with enrollment at a University in the North Shore of Long Island, but this is quite the contrary. The course has booked solid every summer since. I started teaching at the college level in 2003 simultaneously between 4 colleges and universities here in the NYC area.

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Essay :: 7/23/13

Riffing the Giphy Logo

giphy-riffed (1)

My friends over at commissioned me to riff on their original logo a bit. I am super excited to be a part of their artist community. The final idea above developed out of the 4 previous versions that you will see below. I sent these into my contact Jace Cooke, the CEO and co-founder of Giphy last week. Jace saw the potential of the color based ideas by suggesting a Warhol like grid approach. I loved it. The power of the 4 logos flashing away their movement and color creates a bold over stimulating image. Its hypnotic. I’m really happy with the piece. It is minimal, yet playfully alluring and clean.

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Essay :: 6/29/13

“NEWYAWK, The Brand Process”


2013 is flying by as expected, not by any means in a negative way. Creativity is flowing, projects are flowing, teaching is flowing, shows and opportunities are continuing energetically. It has been a while since I gave a NEWYAWK brand update. I want to share some of the exciting things that are happening as the brand continues to evolve and develop. If you are a “first timer” learning about the NEWAWK brand, you can read the bio and short start up story here. If you are familiar, and perhaps even the owner of a t-shirt, painting, or print welcome back. The month of June has been elevated with a high volume of new works produced both in and out of the studio, on the web, and in public space. The synthesis of my personal work as an artist and the brand related art continues to capture my interest. If you would have asked me 15-20 years ago, “is NEWYAWK a brand?”  I would have most likely shrugged and not known what you meant even though the art was there and the tag was being written. It is indeed a brand, but it is not yet fully definable as Im co-creating it all while in process. This is purely fun, and in the long run may simply define the brand.

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Essay :: 6/7/13

“The Red Gaze” A Micro-Film Making Challenge.”

Over the course of the last 24 hours I made a great discovery and integrated a new process into my art film making interests. Let’s call it “The immediate, unscripted, remixed, micro film.” Yes, of course, this is nothing new, but it is for me as I would like to assert and make my process transparent. I would love to offer this process as a challenge, and potentially curate a show based on this process.  I will certainly be using it as a project this coming fall semester in my design classes. I have been kicking around on #Vine for about 3 months now, and I love it. I have written about here on this blog a few times, it continues to induce and inspire new methods for me.

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Essay :: 5/21/13

“Old School Game Hacking as Inspiration”


I created the pieces in this post all with in the last few days, I’m inspired so things happen fast in that energy. The works started off as still images, but I knew that the end result would be a series of GIF animations and Vine pieces. These are being built as we speak. As a kid in the 1980’s I always loved the graphics that nintendo had in their video games. I am not by any means a big gamer, but I absolutely love the art, the art development process and overall visual video game aesthetic. I love the fact that I can evoke the fun and reflective childhood emotions as I search for my favorite old games on youtube and other sites dedicated to this art art form (there are tons of them.) My #GIFIFGHT collaborator General Howe’s recent work has inspired me to take more action on this new series. If you havenen’t seen his hacks into the GI Joe animated series, it’s a must see. Check it here.

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 Essay :: 5/19/13

“The Nature of Experimental Discovery”

Closer to Reality

I made decision today. I want to work larger again, but this time, with my collage based works. When I say larger, I mean 20 feet in length by 10 feet in height. I want to create a series in this manner. The works will emphasize order with in the chaos of our over stimulated nature in today’s energetic world. This is my perception, and I feel excited to communicate this. Over the last year I have been writing and documenting my process of creating art on the run, thus meaning not being co-dependent on a physical studio to create my works, but to have a series of regular materials with me at all times to make new works anyplace. I take advantage of the moments both planned and unplanned to create the work. Screen printed images, rubber stamp prints and photo copies (digital print or copy machine) work well for creating collages. Ive been hooked for a while, but I feel the works have gone to another level this past year.

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Essay :: 5/6/13

“More on Mobile Art Making”

Discovering Sound

This month has started with an ongoing desire to generate collage based works while on the run. What do I mean by “on the run?” Let me explain, as a time-hacker (Ill talk more about this term soon) my concept of “the studio” has an expanded context. I do have a physical studio space to create my art, however I am not co-dependent on it. I use it to create larger scale works, as well as to store completed works, and other works in progress. I love the idea of being mobile, packing a bag of supplies and taking it with me through out my travels. My travels may be literal travels, but that also means my daily routine to work as well. I take advantage of the in between moments of  life’s events and create art in that time. I have commanded that as a habit and a discipline. Collage is my current vice. Along with drawing, capturing video, and experimental photography, as they also work well for this idea, collage based works best suit me at this point for mobile art making.

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Essay :: 4/26/13

“The Extended Vision, A Micro-Film Video Art Series Begins.”

Today, yet another creative avenue opened. I decided to develop a sequence of micro-films by splicing together a compilation of pieces that I am creating using the Vine app. I have titled the series “The Extended Vision.” Each individual piece is 6.5 seconds long. Each film segment runs about one full minute and contains a voice over narrative. I am using the following description: “The Extended Vision is an ongoing narrative sequence of micro films that follows the subconscious inner travels of multiple characters. “ The description is only a sketch as I feel it will redefine itself as it develops.

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Essay :: 4/19/13

“The Anonymous Collaboration”

The Unfamiliar Tourists

This is a new collaboration piece that I completed this morning before my 2D design class. It’s a series of silk screen prints collaged onto a black and white photograph. I did not take this photograph, nor do I know who it belongs to. It had been sitting on a desk in an office at one of the colleges that I teach for. I decided to make it a collaboration piece, an anonymous one that is. I have titled the piece “The Unfamiliar Tourists.” Sometimes I find that making art is about taking advantage of the moment and the energy that surrounds it. Not every piece of work that we create has to be conceptual and planned. Sometimes it is about letting go of any judgements or huge ego based plans. I felt induced, I felt energized, I felt impulsed. I reacted and I am sharing.

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Essay :: 4/11/13

“Micro-Films: Posting #Vine Pieces to WordPress”

I’m excited to discover that one can now post their #Vine pieces directly into wordpress. It appears there are a few ways to do this. My first experience comes directly syncing and sharing of the vines through twitter via my mobile device. I would say that this is most efficient way to do this (unless you do not want the actual tweet to show.) This post will evolve and change as it is giving me a ton of new ideas as far as “how” the content can and will be shared.

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The Nature of Change copy

Essay :: 3/23/13

“Experimenting with Vine” 

OK, Vine is serious fun. I’m hooked. 6 seconds of creative potentiality to loop frames of what your mobile device’s camera can grab as you tap away on your touch screen. The frame grab control is up to you. I love the fact that you can act upon spontaneous immediacy, as well as set up longer planned concepts and ideas. Either way, it is a win for technology/creativity evolution. As I venture into creating and applying the application (via my ipod touch) this weekend, ideas are flowing. Aside from creating my own works, I am really digging the works of a few other artists and users. Artist, Adam Goldberg’s vine was introduced to me through the same person who showed me the app in the first place. My friend @zaffi, a NYC filmmaker, and collaborator got me hooked. John Fekner is a friend, colleague, and mentor, his works transcend so well into Vine’s output. Be sure to check out the works of these artists. Inspired by such, I was induced into making this collage yesterday afternoon with the intentions of adding it to my Vine. I feel that the collage itself holds up on its own, and I will continue to work on it more. See the link below to view the Vine.

You can view the Vine for this piece above here ::

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Essay :: 3/15/13

“Early Morning Immediacy, Art Making on the Run”

Artists need “studio time and space” to create their work… but I depends on HOW each artist defines that. I remember thinking when I was 10 years old that I would one day need a studio. In fact, I would need one that looked just like Picassos. I thought this simply because I was exposed to an image of one of Picassos studios. He must have been in his 60’s at this point, but that was my first awareness of where artists were supposed to work. I think that we retain a lot of information from our childhood this way until we question it. If we dont, we are running an old program on default. I like living my life by design. I do have a physical studio that I create work in on a regular basis, but I also create an equal amount of my work while Im on the run, in between day to day work related tasks and so forth. I take advantage of the “waiting rooms of life.” You know, that half hour of time in between classes, before or after work, or during lunch. Time management plays a huge role in my life. Not only that, but also dictating exactly what I will do with my time. I have goals, objectives, and intentions. This is necessary for my week to week ambitions. My passion for creating art seems to out weigh almost any other activity. That does not count family and friends time, or the time allotted to exercise and eat right! Lots to juggle, but with practice and a small investment of discipline, I believe anyone can achieve this. So, what about these works below?

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Essay :: 2/26/2013

“Seduced by the Degeneration of 8 Bits & Movement”

I have to say, this is by far my favorite animated GIF created to date. It all started about a month ago when I created a series of collages that incorporated a few contradictory items. I placed an old outdated aerosol can with a photo of my grapefruit breakfast and an old 747. I have been playing with a theme titled “The Transportation of Communication” for quite a while now (more on this soon.) It continues to capture my interest, and in this context it was not different. Technology as a medium for me is simply seductive. I love creating drawings, paintings, screen prints and sculpture the traditional way by hand, but I also want it to be more. The use and application of technology easily transcends that for me. Of course, this is a trend, where many artists are doing more than just dabbling, its an ongoing integration and synthesis. Human nature I supposed. Even better, I find that utilizing technology makes it even more interesting and accessible to collaborate with other artists. Im working on a few collaborations at the moment, and each time I think of what I will do next, new ideas flood in based on what already exists. I’m in the game for the expressive, learning, and sharing aspects. There is room for spontaneous communicative longevity inside and out. This GIF above has evolved from the following steps, from manual to digital to stop motion animation.

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 Graff Can

 Essay :: 2/12/2013 :: 

Exercise: Creating New Content for Art Making.                                   What to do when you run out of ideas, concepts and content for your ART? Have you run out of ideas, concepts and or content for creating new works of ART? Lets create a new techniques shall we? It is important to know and understand how we learn. You could apply this exercise below to any form of creative development. The trick is to become aware of the fact that YOU can create new methods yourself, but today, I’m going to share one with you. Feel free to add to this, build upon it, and share it. Perhaps you are looking for something you do not want, like distractions! Has that Ego gotten in the way… again? Distracting you for countless hours? Lets create your new Formula: change by actually changing what you do… A very simple exercise for realigning yourself with your creative thought and action process. Read this, then read it a second time and then try it! Trust me.

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Degenerated Aerosol Can Cast2

Essay :: 1/20/2013 ::

“Taking Conscious Non Judgmental Risks.” 

I’m happy about this piece above and below. Mostly because I didn’t know what the final result was going to be. I had to take a risk on creating this piece. Not only in making the work, but also publishing it here on my blog and ultimately on the web. I had to expose myself, as well as make the process transparent. I find that there is an amazing energy in this whole process. From the conceiving of the idea, through the actual experimentation process, to the final analysis and sharing aspect. It stimulates me, and forces me to become more aware of my working patterns.

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Essay :: 01/15/2013 ::

An Evolving HOW TO Story of Drawing Manual to Digital & More.” 

I finished this piece above a few days ago. It is one of the first new works of art that I have created in 2013. What I like most about the piece is the many new ideas it continues to induce. I love the idea of making multiple works of art out of one single idea or concept. This piece is a good example to share the process as it continues to unfold. That means I will update this post and share the step by step process as it is developing (check back from time to time.) As both an artist and an art educator I feel it is important to be transparent about my working habits (hence this blog) as I like to help raise awareness about the artistic process and the over all potential of human creativity. You see, we learn about ourselves when we become aware of “how and why” we do the things that we do.  It takes a bit of regular practice, and in the process you will discover the patterns that becomes the formula that you use to retain and apply your knowledge.

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Essay :: 01/07/13 :: “Are all Human Beings Artists?” 

What is the role of the modern-day artist? The traditional roles of the modern artist continue to evolve and break through boundaries. Evidence proves this as there are always fantastic disagreements in the perception itself. What is art? What is not art? Who gets to decide anyway? Do we need to be interdependent on others to make our own assumptions and judgments about art?

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