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The Growing Abstract Letter-Form Wall Relief Series 

:: May 2017 ::

I felt it was time to start batch organizing this series of relief sculpture works than began over 10 years ago. Simply put, the works are a growing series of Wood, Paper, Cardboard & Found object relief arrangements. I make them to expand and experiment with the writing of graffiti letter forms.

The gallery nestles itself nicely into the page doesn’t it? I have been a flickr user since 2005! Old School! I love flickr for many reasons but lets put an emphasis on this gallery. I embedded the gallery after installing a wordpress plug-in called “flickr Album Gallery”. The plug in allows for flickr users to request an API key to “experiment” with how the embedded data can be applied into their wordpress themes. The Divi code module makes perfect use of the plug-ins short code.

I hope you like the works!