Various Video Art Still Frames.

The choices made upon selecting content and materiality are endless, profound and simply brilliant! Especially when a breakthrough has been made, materials communicate meaning. In most cases, quite literally, our conscious mind is very objective when it discovers objects, and or what they resemble. The various types of materials I have been synthesizing through my artistic examinations are fragments of : wood, metal, steel, polyester / fiber glass resins, clay, textiles & fabric, canvas, paper, paint, ink, plastic, plaster, various wire types, video, media technology, soil, outdoor environments, found items, recyclables, time, space, and human beings. Every physical thing has form. Form is a fragmented term that I feel serves as many things. I identify myself as a 3 dimensional form with-in a reality of 3 dimensional forms. Form is a way that my process imposes upon my ideas to exercise them. Form is an infinite vastness that can never run dry of its supply, when linked to formal art terms, my studies experiment with mass, volume, contour line, texture, structures, space and time. The ongoing examination of ”the artist as the art” induced the process of frequent documentation. I began using film and video about 10 years ago. The medium itself always seemed to occupy me. I carefully began a chronological index of narratives. Unedited ramblings from the stream of consciousness if you will. The art of allowing. My intention began as simply documenting the perception of self as Art. I had no idea that it would evolve so fast. The use of the camera allows for me to see more from another perspective. A perspective that was intentionally created. An identity that was forged out of repetitive ideas, visions and intuitions. One that is just outside the watcher. On a semi-daily basis I will capture aspects and highlights of the day. I experiment with video as a means to fuse what I now call “modular films.” Meaning, many parts come together over time to make up the whole. The whole keeps evolving. And that is how the muse and character: ”Professor Universe” was created. I am micro-testing the interdependent behaviors of the earth-bound ego in relationship to the creative human potential. These behaviors function in contrast to current events, and social-issues as I perceive them. At this point the films are very important for extending the infancy of ideas as they evolve into larger plans. The ongoing project is a verbally narrated one. The films a fragment of my art making process. I am able to utilize an aesthetic role with experimental forms. People respond to the Internet, television, and movies, they identify with the viewing shape of the rectangle . I am currently using this form to work with. I feel that my non film and video work also has a very narrative quality. The use of everyday objects reflect the usage of time. Scripted verbal narratives can activate and induce a physical or emotional character with in you, one that you may not know yet. This is where Professor Universe is emerging from. A line is the edge of a contour that travels the boundaries of shapes, objects, and masses. Line itself is a thin mass; a moving essence of controlled friction applied to a surface. For many years I struggled with the illusion of line as only two-dimensional. To break free of this concept with the limited usage of such a profound simplicity I had to challenge myself to a great degree. Time is linear, it can be measured. The potential of who and what occurs with in this selected measurement is incredibly powerful. A film or video art work is a time based motion related work of art.

I have created a specific page here on my blog where you can screen a selected series of my video art and experimental narrative films ::