“Insights on Form & Awareness”

I stood before something ancient today, the structure was aesthetically beautiful, but I had a hard time getting my head around the complexity of it. There were several other structures like it, some older, some younger. There were also several super modern structures next to it too. I found architectural masterpieces from yesterday and today, they live together simultaneously in the three-dimensional world of form that we perceive. It is amazing and thought-provoking. I love the  simplicity and complexity of all forms, and how they never die, only transform themselves into more. We get to participate in the “more” part, but only if we are aware of it.  The forms can simplify so much that it may de-familiarize and desensitize us to their existence. The context of the content grabs our attention as our energies and thoughts solidify into ideas. These are creative ideas, ideas worth taking action on because they are expressive. When you SEE something that causes you to stop, and your world then stands still, acknowledge this as an awareness of creative importance. If you do that, I promise that you will have more of these eureka moments. It does take some practice however, but that practice with awareness will lead to ideas, creative ideas that will force you to take action. Something tangible will come out of that. Share your results here if you would like to.

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