May 1st – August 30th 2008

I was invited to curate an all video art based exhibition for the permanent collection at the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, CUNY. I am happy to announce that the exhibition can now be viewed in its entirety online. The exhibition can also be viewed in the galleries media room upon request. “Video Synthesis” is an examination of the Inter-relationships of Video Art, Performance, Experimental Film, & Vanguard Documentary. The purpose of this exhibition is to survey, expose, and raise the awareness of motion related art through the medium of video. The works exhibited have all been created using a digital video camera and computer based editing software as a means of expression and communication. It was my intention to select a diverse array of artists that focus on various subjects and techniques to execute their work. The show will present fragments of traditional video art, aspects of performance based art, narrative experimental film, and vanguard documentary. The works have been placed in a chronological order to be viewed one after another. I feel that each piece will add to what synthesizes fragments of a larger whole. The chronological flow of each piece creates a perceptual module.


Simon Gris
Danielle Abrams
Ryan Seslow
John Fekner
Darren Foster
Lee Wells
Ray Neufeld
Monica Spier

The exhibition’s catalog is available upon request in a digital format, please contact me for details.

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“Video Synthesis”  Traveled to The Netherlands in June 2009 -Special Programs Exhibition:

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