Yes, it’s true, this is “The Last Drawing of the Last Supper Ever Drawn”.. 

We see a digital illustration and the final variation of the old classic tale. Well, perhaps. So what inspired me to draw this? I have made a few variations over the years as well, you can google: “ryan seslow, last supper” and see what else pops up. The inspiration is not Leonardo’s famous fresco.. its Andy Warhol’s take on the iconic image. The last body of work that Warhol completed was his Last Supper series. I love the line work. Warhol projected a small image onto canvas (many actually) and filled in the lines with black acrylic paint. Yes, now you will have to look that up too. More art history, Warhol worked directly from a small line art illustration of the original fresco and stylized it a bit. I draw my image free hand using adobe fresco with the vector brush, and also a version with a raster brush for some texture.

To be honest, I want to make more variations but I will likely move on to painting it now. Perhaps I will a series of limited edition prints of the image? Would you be insterested in a limited edition screen print or a graphic reproduction? Hmmm, or maybe you want to commission a slight variation? Share with me what you see.