Refreshable Recompositions :: A Digital URL ART Exhibition

July 1st 2017

Refreshable Recompositions is new series of digital art works manipulated and composed for the modern web browser as its means of display and viewer engagement. Co-dependent on both a URL and a web browser for the structure of this format, the works reside hosted here on forever.  The exhibition itself has gained its own unique URL simply because it was published on the Internet via the domain name of where it is hosted. Each individual work also has gained its own unique URL, meaning, you can click on each piece individually. You can also comment on each individual piece, or on the the show as a whole directly below. Again, “YOU” can find the URLs in the address bar or your web browser as you view the exhibition in its entirety or by clicking on each individual piece. What is the value of a “Click” when you are experiencing and viewing digital art in this format? Are static works more valuable than animated works? Is each URL to be viewed and considered as “Internet Real Estate”?? For this particular exhibition, as the viewer of the works you have the ability to refresh your web browser to see the works rearrange and and recompose themselves at random. There is not a set limit of times one may chose to do this, however mathematical probability will decide as there are eight pieces in total. What role does the browser play in relationship to the blog post’s format? How much Internet Art can you stand? Is this an Internet Art experience? You have quite a few questions to answer below. Will you leave a comment? Or will you do what you always do on a website that you no longer can stand, and bounce…

The content itself is both a celebration of digital art making and an acute awareness of the potentials with in an electronic rectangle. Whether it be viewed horizontal or vertical, we have become dependent on this shape to guide and navigate our lives. Through this form we see the electronic planet, the friendly tool-bar, the interface, constant motion, and the archivable digitization of all objects and things, we are unified by the platform that displays the works. Or are we?

July 3rd 2017