Painting into the Summer of 2023..

It’s been a journey since May 2023, and so much has changed. Despite this, I’m eager to share the beginnings of my latest work, unfolding over the summers of 2022 and 2023. Reflecting on these pieces, I see their evolution from the early stages captured in the photos below. I find sharing this progress crucial; it not only helps me see where I’ve been but also guides me to completion.

While many of these artworks weren’t finished at the time of photographing, I’ve since completed several and plan to showcase them in an upcoming post and on my website’s new homepage.

As summer 2023 rolled in, I hit a personal milestone: my 40th semester of teaching. That’s twenty years of academia! But let’s pivot back to my art. I’ve occasionally posted about these pieces on social media, though lately, my presence there has dwindled. My focus has shifted more towards my art, balancing teaching and client work, and I’m deeply engrossed in preparing for a potential exhibition focused on my drawings and paintings. Also, keep an eye out for some mural projects I’ve been secretly working on. I’ll share more once they’re complete!

Lets take a look and descend this page..

My art often delves into the theme of communication, focusing on the delicate balance between its subtle intricacies and inherent limitations. Being Deaf, I have a unique perspective on how communication unfolds, often perceiving it as a dance between order and chaos. Color plays a key role in my work, acting as a conduit for both the spatial aspects and the emotional layers of communication. My creations reflect the chaos of disrupted, fragmented, and displaced interactions, frequently inspired by conversations I observe but never audibly partake in.

In crafting my pieces, I channel this dynamic energy into the deliberate arrangement of form, shape, color, and structure. Interestingly, despite the chaotic genesis, my artworks often emerge with a sense of order and harmony. This juxtaposition, I believe, is a core facet of my artistic expression, mirroring the complex nature of communication itself.

In my paintings, movement is key. It’s not just about creating action; it’s about guiding the eye through the piece. This sense of motion is a big part of my design, acting like a visual guide.

The way I use forms and shapes complements this movement. They’re not just thrown in; they’re carefully placed to build the painting’s structure. These elements work together, helping to organize the space and make the viewing experience more dynamic.

So, in each artwork, movement and shape play off each other. They help to set the pace and lead the eye, creating a composition that’s lively yet coherent.

Each brushstroke and color choice is a word in this visual dialogue, with the canvas as the backdrop for these interactions. My art is where these diverse influences—nature, typography, figures, and machinery—meld and communicate, revealing new stories and perspectives. I find this blend of elements fascinating, as it allows for a unique exploration in each piece, mirroring the complexity and diversity of our world. It’s in this creative space that I feel most connected to my work, bringing together the different parts of my experiences and inspirations to create something that speaks both to me and to others.

In sum, my art is a journey through the landscapes of communication, movement, and form, punctuated by the personal language of landscapes, human figures, typography, and industrial elements. These pieces are not just creations; they are dialogues between my inner world and the canvas, between the viewer and the image. As I reflect on the progression of my work from the early stages to its current evolution, I am reminded of the constant interplay between change and continuity, between the individual and the collective experience of art. This journey, with its blend of personal inspiration and universal themes, continues to shape not only my artistic identity but also the connections I forge with those who encounter my work. In sharing these processes and pieces, I hope to open a window into the world of my creativity, inviting others to explore, interpret, and find their own meaning within.