"Drawing Trancsends"

Art Work of the Month :: January 2012

Happy New Year!
“Drawing Transcends”
Imprints are left in many ways, more than I can say here in one breathe. We are all participants in the process of creating them. The action of Drawing has always been my muse for expressive immediacy. Dancing may be faster, or even the spoken word, but I prefer drawing. Drawing gives me the ability to be communicative in several fast linear gestures. I can control them, or not. I can save them, or not. I can add to them, or not. As an artist, I want to leave temporary marks upon the world, marks that are as ephemeral as our physical lives. Like all things, even the context of my drawings will change. I created this piece as a metaphor for this idea. Its a sculpture. It is tangible. It can rest on a flat plane vertically or horizontally, but you, the viewer will not experience the work this way. You can only see it as an image. A flat two dimensional image. I have solidified an outdated computer mouse onto an etch-a-sketch ( a time transcending device ). These are two instruments that I have created drawings with. They are extensions of the traditional mediums that I learned to draw with. I liked that idea. I have not retained any of my etch-a-sketch drawings over time, they were all shaken away so that new drawings could be made. The power to decide when to this always intrigued me, even as a child. At the time, I digital cameras were not yet in existence, so I didn’t record these drawings. This was OK. I was more interested in making new drawings. I suppose I could purchase another etch-a-sketch, and do something with new technology, and perhaps I may. I will only reflect on that for now. The outdated mouse is another reminder of how all synthetic things evolve, both in function and design. Think of all of the countless invisible lines that you have created while using your computer’s mouse…oh, you never thought of it that way? Those lines are all gone. I painted the piece all one color. This unifies the piece as one whole form. They are no longer separate entities. Our perceptions, interpretations, and overall sense of awareness is powerful. It continues to redefine the way that I look and participate in the world.

This piece has been submitted as a part of The Fabelist’s Imprint Festival in London, 1/27/12 more info here:: http://www.thefabelist.com/imprint-festival