Symbols+Icons+Avatars+Codes=Branding Ourselves

Consciously and unconsciously we are branding ourselves! This is the fact
of the matter, as I perceive of course. Indeed, some people are doing this
intentionally with much energy and enthusiasm. Others are becoming
aware as the process unfolds. I am one of those people. It did not register at
first because I didn’t plan on anything other than sharing my art and interests. As I think more about it though, hmmm. As an educator, I was hoping that others would learn from my web presence and examples, and in return I would learn from what others were sharing. Seemed simple enough? An exchange of honest use value. It seems to me that the synthesis of our multiple social media networks synced up with our mobile technology devices of choice make us                  “portable global brands.” Yes, you already knew that, or did you? Wow, that’s a lot of power,  do you like the sound of that? I do. Example: JOHNNY SOMEBODY: THE PORTABLE GLOBAL BRAND!”  A fantastic outlet for self expression, business, marketing, and network building that continues to redefine the ongoing definition of “social media networking business such-ness.” What you say matters. What you put out onto the web matters. It will reach other people, and not just a mere few people. Social media and the use of the web can give one the reach of thousands, and while that escalates, some will begin reaching millions. Incomprehensible? Yeah, really. So, How do you want to influence others? What kind of use value do you have to offer that can inspire and induce others into creative action taking? For some, it is doing what one normally does. The norm today can simply be the awareness that you are a content curator. How cool does that sound? The introduction of Flipboard has certainly proven this idea. It is incredibly “sticky”. I would love to hear Malcolm Gladwell‘s take on flipboard, and it’s stickiness.  In my case it is my ART. I’m simply an artist that wants to share and continue learning from YOU all. I’m not a complex artist. The illustration attached to this post is based on that eureka moment. You know those moments, when you get still for a few minutes and come to this energetic realization. I noticed this as I began to realize what windows are open in my browser simultaneously…. all the time. Right now along with several articles (up to 10) from my “networks” I see, twitter feeds, facebook, flickr, wordpress, tumblr, and gmail windows open… they are breathing, buzzing with energy, awaiting my next command so that they can assist and synthesize my personal formula (and keep it all documented in a nice chronological order.) So, the eureka moment came through a reflection period. As most artists
will often review their past works along with what they are working on, I
like to do this once or twice a week. Reflect and review what I have written,
posted, created and so forth. The illustration above is a fictional brand
packaging recycled from the past. Isn’t this what we do as human beings? We transform existing energy into something new.  It comes directly through my imagination and my unconscious (which absorbs anything and everything weather you want to or not) , this is my release. I’m on a serious mission… having FUN with branding myself.