This painting above is almost complete. I posted this progress image onto my flickr page in late January of 2012. I will soon post the final piece, as well as the 6 others that have evolved as a result. This blog post has taken several different directions already. I love that about process in general, one idea expands another, and before you know it, you are onto several other topics. Let me start here, and try to pull this together as we read on. This post itself is a work in progress. I have always been drawn to color. My understanding and consistent evolution with color has been through painting, taking photos, and simply looking at things. I do mean really looking at things by critically observing them. I questioned myself a long time ago about this, How long do I really look at things? Do I see what is really there, or just a perceived impression? Which leads me to “think” I understand that “something” as it exists. Hmmm? I always provoke and ask my introduction to drawing and 2D design students this same question. “When was the last time that you really looked at something by actually observing it for more than 2 minutes?” Followed by an exercise, I have them observe their own hands for 5 minutes, and then create blind contour line studies to help this process along. To be truthful, even with my own personal extended exercises and observation sessions, I find that I still want to also abstract representational things. Most of my experimentation with paint has been through frequent practice with acrylic, oil, aerosol, and enamels. My surface studies vary on canvas, paper, metal, aluminum, plastics, concrete, and recyclable containers. The more recent use of colored papers and collage expanded from this experimentation directly. I have discovered that layers can become relief like, and I have always enjoyed the potentials of that, hence my ongoing adventures with collage. Here you can view a set dedicated to this almost entirely http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmsmovement/sets/72157594510901703 Using simple geometric shapes and forms, I spend extended amounts of time developing my knowledge of color by composing with these same shapes.  I also like to arrange variations of form through freshly created hybrid shapes. Layering them by color values, hues and tint fragments to create contrast, compliments, or contradictions with in the works. My intentions were to develop mixing techniques that would allow me to work fast. I like immediacy as an artist, this I know of my process. I am a high production artist. Repetition is something that I understand. Using the sphere shape as a starting point I could make multiples very fast. The use of repetition can change a large space and create a 2 dimensional illusion, this idea lead me to execute a series of installations of flat color with-in three-dimensional spaces. The use of color forces me to make decisions, and this is exactly what stimulates and excites me the most as an artist. Color will always affect a viewer’s eye at first gaze, it may intensify what is being experienced or it may distract the eye causing us to discover problematic and conflicting contrasts. Either way, we have to react. I want to expand upon that by creating both representational and non-representational art. The paintings above and below are inspired by a lot more things than I can list at this time, but 1980’s and 90’s graffiti have always heavily influenced my painting work. The fluidity, color, variety, and movement of writers like Dondi White, Seen, Sento, Zephyr, Lady Pink, & Lee Quinones have and continue to make lasting impressions on me. The works found here in the images below have been completed over the last 4-6 years. These were commissioned works by private collectors. I feel that they are good examples of the evolution of the stylization that I continue to enjoy developing. The works vary in size range. The smallest works being 48″X64″ to 9 feet by 11 feet. It is my intention to archive the process and piece together where it came from, and where it is going. I will be adding additional information about these pieces as they all have unique interactions between myself and the collectors whom had commissioned the works.

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