Above is an image of me. I’m holding up a mirror and looking into it. OK, perhaps not exactly, but it is one potentiality of how I see and perceive myself. This is a watered down acrylic painting mixed with some colored pencil over it. I layered it with a nice thick clear acrylic medium. It is mounted on a sturdy illustration board. I may frame it. I may not. I think Ill let my friends and followers on TWITTER help me decide WHAT to do with it next. I posted a quote on my twitter feed yesterday that said this: “Our twitter feed of friends and followers represent the many parts of ourselves, we can examine the parts of ourselves we may not see yet.” I was sitting in traffic when I posted this. It was gridlock on the Long Island Expressway. I normally do not text or tweet while driving, but we were stopped dead for about 15 minutes. These are two great examples of immediacy and self-expression and why twitter is such a great tool for both! We never know when or where inspiration is going to strike. Through my own experiences, it is especially when I am not looking for it. On the other hand though, I have fined tuned my intuition to be on radar for it to a degree. So, as I was looking around at all of the other stopped cars, I had a moment of Satori. Yes, satori, one of those experiences where you realize that you are connected to everything and everyone. I felt all of the ego-based perceptions of separation dissolve! I always love when this happens. It is a euphoric feeling and sensation. At that moment of gratitude, these words came into my head. “Your twitter feed of friends and followers is another great example of this exact same experience”. Everyone is connected. All of those people simply represent the many parts of yourself that you are, have not yet met, developed, or even refuse to see in yourself, you can examine those parts of yourself through the interface and sharing experience the technology allows, you can use twitter as a giant microscope that can examine yourself as the millions of fragments that you are” …….. !!!!!! WHAT! I was overwhelmed to say the least, and where the hell did that come from! I said this out loud, then I realized that my windows were wide open. I got a few perplexed looks back my way. I HAVE TO EXPRESS THIS RIGHT AWAY!! Hence, my tweet! I then realized that I had another dilemma, how do I say this in 140 characters! ARG! Talk about immediate revisions! Finally I got it down and hence the @messages and several DMs flowed in. I am excited to turn this into a post for the blog today. We humans are much more than we are ever taught to think of ourselves as. We are literally infinite universes of potential. We are interconnected, and we really are ONE. This is serious creative potential and we need to understand that. We have so much power to think and feel and share. Twitter is one fragment of the infinite other ways to express and experience this, but if you have never thought of yourself, your followers and those you follow this way, perhaps this insight will add to your experience, yup.

Link to the original post:: http://wp.me/p2SFO-DB