4/22/12 :: Collaborating with Javier Cambre, a new series develops.

I am happy to announce the development of a new series of works between my colleague, fellow artist Javier Cambre and myself. I first discovered Javier’s work back in 2006. We were both showing as a part of the CUNY Queensborough Community College Faculty Exhibition. Javier showed a video installation titled “One Plus One”, ( you can view the info here – http://javiercambre.com/section/49819_ONE_PLUS_ONE.html ) and I had installed a large scale wall relief. ( see it here :: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmsmovement/272209456/in/set-929193/) I felt that Javier’s video had an emphasis on movement, gesture and composition. The works were cinematic, yet stretched the traditional aspects of the medium. Much like my own work, through the principles of design I too seek new ways to emphasize movement, variety, and compositional variations. I like to do this through the fragmenting of several inter related parts. I felt even back then, if Javier and I were to collaborate, it would be an energetic approach to creating a contrasting series of exciting works. Javier and I are both multidisciplinary artists. We both work in a variety of mediums, sometimes integrating them together, and sometimes simply showing them by discipline. The image above is the first piece in progress.  Javier first arranged a series of some of his silver prints from a trip to Brazil. He spread them on the floor of his loft and re-photographed them. He later printed that as a photograph of photographs.  He handed this image to me, and so the process began. I love the content and the high black and white contrast. I see it as a composite of events, stories, and narratives. I felt very much impulsed to add to the stories. I too added characters to the narrative, except mine are fictional, cartoon like, and from several different time periods. I knew I could create a visual tension by layering my screen prints directly on top of the images. This would also give the piece a layered effect and a sense of dimension. It creates the illusion of a foreground, yet the images still seem to float weightlessly. We will be posting our process as the works expand. Check out Javier Cambre’s site here:: http://javiercambre.com

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