5/2/12 – Forms Change.

#drawings like this one happen fast. They are immediate and take about 3 minutes to execute. Ill make 1 a day on most days of the week. ( now multiple that by 20 years… ) Much like a graffiti writer will execute his or her tag, these drawings are fast, fluid and well practiced. This line based stylization stems from years of tagging. I have written the same tags since 1984 (Ill update that story in a new blog post soon), the point is, drawings like this have evolved from one form to another. They started as letter characters and over a 20 year period they have morphed into figurative characters. The characters now even have facial expressions. My colleague and collaborator Jeffrey Allen Price pointed this out to me about a week ago, its a milestone of development that happened right under my nose. Moments like that remind me that this is what I love so much about the creative process, and being an artist. #gratitude #creativity

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