Introducing RIKKI ROCKET!

It has been 1.5 years in the making, and it is now time to introduce you to RIKKI ROCKET! Two years ago I was approached by author and all around creative Edward Scott Pev to illustrate a book that he had written for children. The story introduces our solar system and its nine individual planets through the imagination of Rikki. Rikki is an energetic little boy with big warm eyes and a wild smile that seems to never commence. Rikki explores each planet and meets some friends along the way. I can’t leak all of the exciting information right now, but stay tuned. We are currently in the development stage of building http://rikkirocket.com, as well as making the book available to the world in several formats!.

From the book’s author:: 

“The Adventures of Rikki Rocket began with the simple idea of writing a motivational story for all children to enjoy. More importantly, Rikki’s adventure needed not only to be exciting, colorful and fun, but also, educational. My hope is that Rikki’s first adventure inspires children to dream big, and take risks in life even when there is fear. Hold on, be brave, and enjoy the ride!”


Edward Scott Pev

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