Ghost Train back to LB in 2001 Revised.

The Re-Defining Photography Project Update ::

Image #87 – Week #23 – 02/08/13.

Part of this project has me in a state of rediscovering older images to transmutate them back into new photos. This is a video still photographed directly off of my laptop monitor. It is my intention to evoke the still isolated feeling one may have experienced while riding the “ghost train home.” This was one of my favorite past times, riding the last LIRR train from NYC back to Long Beach. LB is the end of the line, the final stop. The older pre- 2004 trains had an old fashioned charm to them, they seemed totally out dated when the newer trains started to mix in slowly. They were beaten, dirty, and smelly, but most of all, they were a part of old newyawk. I like the new trains, but I also miss seeing and riding these old timers.


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