Experimenting with Vine :: 3/23/13

OK, Vine is serious fun. I’m hooked. 6 seconds of creative potentiality to loop frames of what your mobile device’s camera can grab as you tap away on your touch screen. The frame grab control is up to you. I love the fact that you can act upon spontaneous immediacy, as well as set up longer planned concepts and ideas. Either way, it is a win for technology/creativity evolution. As I venture into creating and applying the application (via my ipod touch) this weekend, ideas are flowing. Aside from creating my own works, I am really digging the works of a few other artists and users. Artist, Adam Goldberg’s vine was introduced to me through the same person who showed me the app in the first place. My friend @zaffi, a NYC filmmaker, and collaborator got me hooked. John Fekner is a friend, colleague, and mentor, his works transcend so well into Vine’s output. Be sure to check out the works of these artists. Inspired by such, I was induced into making this collage yesterday afternoon with the intentions of adding it to my Vine. I feel that the collage itself holds up on its own, and I will continue to work on it more. See the link below to view the Vine.

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

Im now peeking into the compatibility aspects of wordpress and Vine. How easy is it to post Vine pieces and streams into wordpress? Can it be done directly with out a url?

The Nature of Change copy

You can view the Vine for this piece above here :: https://vine.co/v/bDgFVEWj6D3

Degenerated Circuit

As the evolution continues, this collage above was created on 3/27/13 with the intention to generate a short animation and apply it on Vine. Watch it here:: vine.co/v/bjHT0q9Pqdt


short-link to this post :: http://wp.me/p2SFO-16S