“The Swallow of Synthesis”



Art work of the Month :: April 2013

“The Swallow of Synthesis” is a new piece of art created on the 30th of March 2013. Inspired by continuous exploration into the 8-bit degeneration of my photography, GIF making, and the use of the #Vine application. I have taken notice to a multi-purposed common thread in my last few pieces of work. I enjoy the contradictory aspects of “what is natural, versus what is synthetic?” It is inducing me to make more work with this idea as my subject matter. This piece above was created by layering several images sequentially. The piece has had many lives as each individual layer has been used independently up until this point over the course of the last year. I spoke about the technical creation process in a recent post titled “Seduced by the Degeneration of 8 Bits & Movement” you can read it here : http://wp.me/p2SFO-13Y. This piece is following a similar pattern, yet it has extended itself once more as the output is being shared via new outlets. Vine is one of those outlets. I am enjoying the narrative syncing of both pre-existing GIF animations as well as single images that can be added to the compositions. This is experiment #1. Enjoy.


short link to this post :: http://wp.me/p2SFO-17i