Begun :: 4/26/13

The Extended Vision, A Micro-Film Video Art Series Begins.

Part I

Part II :: added 6/10/13

Today, yet another creative avenue opened. I decided to develop a sequence of micro-films by splicing together a compilation of pieces that I am creating using the Vine app. I have titled the series “The Extended Vision.” Each individual piece is 6.5 seconds long. Each film segment runs about one full minute and contains a voice over narrative. I am using the following description: “The Extended Vision is an ongoing narrative sequence of micro films that follows the subconscious inner travels of multiple characters. “ The description is only a sketch as I feel it will redefine itself as it develops. I love learning in the process and describing my steps, I am highly conscious of this. There is much to learn from being transparent as it activates a higher level of awareness. I retain from that awareness. The video footage in these pieces is a compilation of old video stock footage that I have taken over the last ten years, as well as newly captured imagery that is created with in context to generating these current pieces. I have been experimenting with video art, experimental film and motion related art for about ten years now. I find it to be immediate and incredibly vast. It is my intention to collaborate with other artists on this project, so I will be reaching out for participation.

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