Art Work of the Month :: May 2013

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This month has started with an ongoing desire to generate collage based works while on the run. What do I mean by “on the run?” Let me explain, as a time-hacker (Ill talk more about this term soon) my concept of “the studio” has an expanded context. I do have a physical studio space to create my art, however I am not co-dependent on it. I use it to create larger scale works, as well as to store completed works, and other works in progress. I love the idea of being mobile, packing a bag of supplies and taking it with me through out my travels. My travels may be literal travels, but that also means my daily routine to work as well. I take advantage of the in between moments of  life’s events and create art in that time. I have commanded that as a habit and a discipline. Collage is my current vice. Along with drawing, capturing video, and experimental photography, as they also work well for this idea, collage based works best suit me at this point for mobile art making. As a multi-disciplinary artist I work in many different materials. Printmaking has always been high on my list as I love the freedom to create multiples at will. Rubber stamps, silk screens, and linoleum cuts works very well, and are relatively easy to make anywhere. Not all silk screen techniques require a light box and photo emulsion. I often use water based techniques with screen drawing fluid and screen filler. Sure, I do make a limited edition of prints from time to time, but what really interests me is what I can do with one single print. Or, what I can do with several prints to compose narrative arrangements. To take things a step farther, I like to re-photograph my prints with a video camera, and then extract a video still and re-photograph that still. This gives me the ability to play with manual filters. I am looking for degenerated grainy imagery to play with. Sometimes the images are even photocopied and reduced to grey scales to create contrast with the colorful pieces arranged. I find this to also be fun and immediate. The pieces that you see above were all created simultaneously in 20 minutes. The individual pieces were pre cut about three hours earlier in between my classes on Fridays. I am happy with this series and plan to turn them into mixed media paintings. I created an additional set on my flickr blog that emphasizes this whole series, take a look here ::


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