The Nature of Experimental Discovery

Closer to Reality

I made decision today. I want to work larger again, but this time, with my collage based works. When I say larger, I mean 20 feet in length by 10 feet in height. I want to create a series in this manner. The works will emphasize order with in the chaos of our over stimulated nature in today’s energetic world. This is my perception, and I feel excited to communicate this. Over the last year I have been writing and documenting my process of creating art on the run, thus meaning not being co-dependent on a physical studio to create my works, but to have a series of regular materials with me at all times to make new works anyplace. I take advantage of the moments both planned and unplanned to create the work. Screen printed images, rubber stamp prints and photo copies (digital print or copy machine) work well for creating collages. Ive been hooked for a while, but I feel the works have gone to another level this past year. They have become narratives. I have discovered that I enjoy telling stories with the characters and things that I have chosen as content. You can view my collage data base of works over on my flickr blog. About the piece above. I call it “Closer to Reality.”  The title came to me when I completed it yesterday, I had decided at that moment, that I would make them much large. I didn’t for-see this, but I do take awareness to how I feel when I am working, and  a blast of physical inspired energy hits me. I love this piece above, and as I feel it holds up quite well at 20″x20″ I know expanding them to triple the size will create an environment for the viewer to fall into and become a part of. Sometimes, we discover things site on scene while in the process, we have to know when to say yes and take further action to bring our ideas, feelings and insights to manifest. This is a practice in and of itself. Ive said this here several times before, and I will say it again, sometimes we have to get out of our own way and see what happens. We can always make assessments later, and we should as all artists need to be good editors of their work. I have learned that what I do with the results that I produce makes me better that I was the day before, and that ultimately creates an intended patter of behavior. It trains the the way we do the things that we do. We have a lot more control over that than we may think. So, what is the next step with this body of work? The nature of the works are mostly screen printed images and rubber linoleum stamps. There are about 35 pieces in this series now ranging in sizes of 20″x20″ and smaller. I will not be enlarging the screens for prints just yet. I will begin making larger scale black and white photocopies and creating my compositions on paper. I will use this as a medium for pasting up onto wall surfaces directly, as well as onto canvas, wood and metal. I will take the “best” works and burn them onto large scale screens for printed editions and mural based works. Much more to come on this idea, it feels great to release it out of the body and into reality.


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