“The Red Gaze”

A New Micro-Film. Remix and Process.

Over the course of the last 24 hours I made a great discovery and integrated a new process into my art film making interests. Let’s call it “The immediate, unscripted, remixed, micro film.” Yes, of course, this is nothing new, but it is for me as I would like to assert and make my process transparent. I would love to offer this process as a challenge, and potentially curate a show based on this process.  I will certainly be using it as a project this coming fall semester in my design classes. I have been kicking around on #Vine for about 3 months now, and I love it. I have written about here on this blog a few times, it continues to induce and inspire new methods for me. The Red Gaze came to me this morning after I reviewed the two vines that I made last night. Below are the original two pieces that were created. These two pieces are silent, and are remixed sequences based on mashing up three old television commercials from the 1950’s and 1960’s. I love the old analog image quality as I capture it directly off the computer monitor. Its a texture that has kept my interest for continued projects. I enjoyed these two vines so much that I wanted more out of them, I wanted to create a new narrative, but not one that is perfectly clear. I am attempting to keep it slightly vague but yet still leaving the viewer seeking more information. did this work? Hmm. Could this piece have a follow up? Of course it could. Will it? Perhaps. I brought the two existing vines into imovie and made a few snips and splits to each sequence. After I re-arranged the the two pieces I added a voice over right off the top of my head. I did not plan this or pre-write it, I just spoke to the speed of the frames as they changed and this is what came out. I had to make fast, intuitive, and immediate decisions. I loved the whole process, it was all completed in under 30 minutes, and it was mobil. The final film itself is just under 30 seconds. So here is the challenge. Select between two or three existing pieces of video, film, or any other motion graphic that you did not create (so you wont “know” it so well) and create two remixed pieces using your vine account. After that, bring the vine pieces into imovie or final cut to recompose them into a joined sequence, as this process is being done add a voice over that you develop as this is all being done. Do not write the voice over down on paper, see if you can allow it to flow out of you. Mix it down and share it.


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