New Mural Completed @ HALA, Jamaica High School.

Mural Work @HALA

I finished this mural today inside the halls of HALA, aka Hillside Arts & Letters Academy. HALA is an all arts based specialty High School in Jamaica Queens where I have been the artist in residence for the last 4 weeks. This was my third year as their artist in residence. I love working with the students and faculty members there. HALA is a super energetic, warm learning environment. I will soon be posting the mural project that was completed with their amazing students. I wanted to share the fresh energy of this piece as I am really happy with the outcome. My hosts were generous in offering me a space to create a mural of my own work. The final piece will stay black and white. Originally it was generated in color, but the black and white graphics create a high contrast that is complimentary to the space where it resides. It is located at the end of a hallway just across from a brightly lit window. The wall measures about 7 feet high X 9 feet wide (or so.) It took about 4 hours of painting time to get this first layer of black paint down. I will see how it holds up over the next few months, but I am preparing to hit it again with a second coat. This piece features a fictional narrative, that reads from left to right. Repetition and balance are present among the chaos of clutter. More on this soon.

HALA Mural 2



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