Collab with Cake & Chris Stain



Today was Day#2 of The History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti.  A 3- credit art history / studio based course that I created and teach at Long Island Universities Post campus. As a part of the course curriculum we have several guest artists come in to present and demonstrate their process and practice. Today, my friends Chris Stain and Cake came in to work with the class. You can read about their individual presentations here. In between the demonstrations and lectures I set aside this piece of recycled wood for the three of us to get up on together. The piece is 13.5 X 18. The whole piece was completed in less than 30 minutes with a sense of urgency and immediacy. Chris and I both laid down stencils and a graffiti hand-style, while Cake added a free hand drawing. The process and immediacy of working with other artists this way always inspires and fuels my passions for collaborating. Much fun was had on creation of this piece.

Collab with Cake

In 2009 I placed this black and white wheat paste of Buckminster Fuller up on this wall in the printmaking studio where our class is currently being held. Cake donated this piece to the building collection and taught the students how to wheat paste the image onto the wooded surface. Its great to see the works living together.


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