Art Work of the Month :: October 2013


A concrete cast of an outdated mouse is placed on top of an ultra violet light box to be observed. It is now a fossil and a fragment of yesterday as our touch screens have taken over. Viewed in this context we are able to isolate the mouse from its natural habitat. Here it is functionless, dormant and sterile. It is the first image of a 5 part series. I feel that this series will work well both indoors and outdoors. It falls into the ongoing #technophemera series that I have been working on. This series has been expanded into a collaborative project that I will soon announce here. The molds are made with a flexible silicone rubber. This allows for multiple casting with various materials. I feel that the subtle grey concrete works well for the meaning stated above. “The Death of the Mouse.” Will you mourn the countless years that you so closely spent with your reliable friend? Will you remember the thousands of tiny lines drawings that you generated as a result of your directional instructions? Did you ever even realize this was taking place? Other casting examples with plaster, glue, and water (by freezing the molds) have been tested and documented as well. The next step for this series is deciding on how, when and where to show the works. Perhaps a series of high res photographs pasted up onto the streets? Or build a series of light boxes and encase them as free standing sculptures? Perhaps I only need one? Perhaps I may continue casting outdated hard drives as well… The process will continue.

Hard Drive Exam

This image was later turned into an animated GIF on 10/12/13. How does it fair?



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