Art Work of the Month :: November 2013


This month of November 2013 my work is being shown in the LIU Post annual Art Department Faculty Exhibition. I generated this animated GIF on the same day of the installation as a promotional piece to give my viewers a sneak peek. The installation itself took about one hour to install. The works consist of a variety of styles and techniques that I continue to explore. Almost each and every piece in this show has been created using recycled materials. Meaning, all of the surfaces that the works have been created on were found, donated or collected via some kind of exchange based situation. This includes the paper and printed matter as well. Admittedly, I did supply the paint and my own brushes to generate the works but I do enjoy collecting the materials over time to build this kind of piece. All of the works created for this show were generated over a six month time period. Inside the work, as you get up close you will discover the multitude of techniques executed. The works consist of hand painted and drawn elements, silkscreen and rubber stamp prints, photo copies and digital works all wheat pasted and collaged into the various forms. The individual pieces then come together to make up the whole. The installation is not pre planned, it is arranged site on scene under an immediate energy. The set up is intuitive and spontaneous. Each piece by content, color and shape dictates to me what I should do next. The process is exciting and stimulating. I am lucky and grateful to receive the wall space and the freedom from the museum to execute this work.

The show will run from 11/16 -12/16 2013 in the Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood on the campus of LIU Post in Brookville NY. The open for the exhibition is Wednesday November 20th 5pm-8pm.

Steinberg Show 4

Steinberg Show Detail 6

Steinberg Show Detail 2


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