150 Ideas Cover

Here is an excerpt from day #26 of my case study. You can apply and or expand on this idea today.

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Idea & Action to take

Visit the public domain online (google the term if you are not aware of it) search for a series of interesting vintage images and graphics that compliment or contradict themselves. How do the images relate to each other so that you can use them to communicate a message in today’s world? Can you speak or express yourself through images? What would you like to say? What will people respond to? Use 3-5 images to start. Customize the images into your own style by redrawing them or simply digitizing them. You can make them into hybrid images or collage them. Depending upon your skill set, burn the graphics/ images onto a silk screen(s) or cut out rubber or linoleum for stamp printmaking. Maybe cut out a stencil is better? The idea is to print multiples. With this in mind create a limited edition of 5 rare printed blankets or throws for a couch. You can purchase solid color blankets or throws in many colors, shapes or sizes. The idea is to make them rare and stylized. Photograph the finished product in a variety of spaces to show their potential. Generate a blog post about the new pieces for your site/blog and sell the works directly via promotion on your social media platforms as well as your blog/site. Ask your friends to spread the word and think about how you can expand the idea.