Here is an excerpt from day #22 of my case study.

You can apply and or expand on this idea today.

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It is my pleasure to take concepts of creativity, imagination and spirituality to make them accessible and understandably applicable for my fellow human beings.


Idea & Action to take

Collaborate with another artist on a new painting, drawing or print edition. You can also create a series with this idea. The paintings or drawings could be a series of three pieces all at the same size, or a limited edition of silk-screen or linoleum prints in a series of 25. Illustrations, ceramics or digital photos can also work, customize the idea to your interest and skills set. By collaborating, this idea creates a rare collectors item. Do not duplicate this series. Keeping it exclusive is exactly what is attractive to potential patrons and collectors. Perhaps you have another artist friend or colleague in mind, either way it will take time to connect and create a plan. Have fun with this. What will your concept be? Will the work be conceptual and full of specific meaning? Or will it be fun, colorful and accessible for a targeted audience? Generate a descriptive blog post about the launch of the collaboration project for your website or blog. Share it with your social media platforms. This will generate some buzz and awareness about the works in progress. Share a few images of the works in progress. Tell the story. By becoming a storyteller of your project and process you will generate a tutorial. That is great use value for your fellow human beings. When the work is completed send follow up with a second blog post about the offer of the works directly via your website or blog. Applications like paypal, fetch app and shopify can make it really easy to sell art (or anything else) online. Be sure to share the offering via your social media platforms and ask your friends and family to spread the word. You may want to keep the works small enough or portable enough to ship easily and or make it a local pick up kind of project.

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