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You can apply and or expand on this idea today.

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Idea & Action to take

Via your blog or website host an online art auction of both your own work and the curated work of a few other artists that you like. Make the auction with this body of work a one-time event (but two or three times per year with new works and new artists.) Think of offering works that are easy to ship and package. This event will take place on your blog or site at a specific time on a specific date for a specific duration of hours. It can even be hosted, live streamed and recorded as an event using a live stream provider (there are several of them online, google it.) The event should be promoted via your social media platforms and your e-mail list of friends and colleagues. You should begin promoting the event at least 30 days in advance. Most blog platforms offer a gallery option or slide show feature. These features can be applied to any page or blog post. Customize what will work best for you. Make sure that you have good quality high resolution images to show. Set a starting bid for each piece and update the bids as they change in real time. This idea can also be used as a fundraiser for your art department, company or related organizations. Taking payments on self hosted wordpress sites is easy. I use the fetch application along with paypal but there are several other options to take online payments. Shopify.com also offers a very easy platform to set this up. You could also do this old school and simply ask the patron to send a check or if possible pick up the work in person. Craft the logistics around your personal preferences. If you need help implementing this, feel free to contact me.
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