Here is another excerpt from day #13 of my case study.

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You can apply and or expand on this idea today.

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Idea & Action to take

Purchase, find or discover a few interesting objects, outdated gadgets or furniture from a garage sale, thrift shop, flea market or antique store (e-bay or Craig’s list works well too.) Breathe new life into these objects or things by restoring them into new art objects. Perhaps they may free stand or become wall reliefs? Change the context in form by creating hybrids and custom painting them in your unique style. Offer the finished works for sale as rare one of a kind sculptures via a short written essay on your blog and social media networks. Discuss and share your “how to” process on how the piece or pieces were made. Take high quality photos and share them into your copy for the blog post. These pieces can also be shared with local stores that may sell these kinds of items as well. This may work best as a local pick up type of sale as shipping may take further research based on weight and the overall delicacy of the form.

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