A metaphor activates and makes itself manifest in a series of animations and words. You have been cast into the script. On and on it goes. The loops immediately remind you of the parallel simultaneous ongoing moments we seem to call “now.”


The word “wormhole” pops into your head, you recall a film that you once saw and the imagery opens and pulls you in. You gaze at it for five minutes and all of your thoughts calm and cease. Time is somehow redefined and you realize the difference between your authenticity and what you have been participating in on default. This thought was more than what you had expected.


You realize that your body is a container for something much larger than you were taught. You recall an example for the metaphor and it loops onward. The metaphor that you recall makes you feel good. The imagery also makes you feel good. You are aware that you have selected it. You are participating in the way communication is transported. There is a lot of power in this thought and you make a note of this.


Point of awareness. The speed of your emotions activate and electricity surges through the body. A tempo is noticed. It is rhythmic and visually textural. You created the texture. This occurs before your effort to create a conscious thought. Something has changed.


Fragments of your creativity harden and take form in a graphic composition that is never static. You can move the pieces anytime that you want. You can create new fragments and revisit the old ones. Its only a choice away and the first arrangement continues to loop until you change it.


Your enthusiasm for the feeling that you receive causes the program to glitch. An epiphany occurs as you question yourself. Did the program really glitch? What was the cause? What role do you play in that perception?


The wormhole expands and follows the visual command of your last thought’s feeling and interpretation. The emphasis was on the interpretation of the word “glitch.”


You look out of your window to prove that you are consciously engaged.

Everything vibrates from this moment forward.

On purpose.

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