Art Work of the Month :: November 2014

Back in the studio with a new series of paintings. This piece is about 75% finished. It has been put up and taken down a few times over the last year. It is the first painting in a series of 10 on un-stretched canvas. I like the accessibility of being able to work on and transport un-stretched canvas. I also like how the material hangs and adheres to the surface that it lives on. I go back and forth between working on the wall and on the floor. Wall and floor space is allotted by what needs to be accomplished based on a specific project, commission or deadline. Some of these deadlines are purely created by myself. I believe in deadlines and working disciplines. It helps me get things done while allowing new things to develop on the calendar. This piece is painted mostly in acrylics. Its all free hand with a brush. The SLOW tag is not permanently adhered to the piece, it was painted on paper and placed temporarily to get a feel for the composition and how I plan to animate the work. I do this from time to time to gain insight on what I want to do next as most pieces are usually in a series. If you are new to my work then the word animate might seem strange in context to a painting.  Im also working on an essay that discusses my interests in animation and turning static work into motion graphics.

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