Art Work of the Month :: December 2014

 slow digiLOGO4

The final days of 2014 came to a close fast. It seemed more so than any other year but I say that every year. Another energetic year has passed by. I love the month of December for reflecting upon things. I’m not just saying this. I do carve out time to sit back, think, and write about what has been experienced and accomplished. With the Concrete to Data exhibition now installed and open to the public I also have to admit that my mind has been busy with the show. Most of all the excitement and vision I had inside of me on what the show would look like, and how it will expand out of the museum and onto the web and then beyond. A lot of my work over the last year has been more diverse than usual and I am happy about that. I continue to make, merge and expand the manually created applied arts with digital technologies, software and motion graphics. I am also venturing into more web design, visual identity and methods of collaboration. SLOW has another story tell as my love for the medium and movement of graffiti also transcends. All mediums, movements and artistic suchness will always be pushed, it will always evolve and things will never be like like they once were. Yet the past fuels inspiration, and that energy is everything.




The SLOW bubble marquee above was executed in the immediate and usual hand style. A sharpie marker and some paper holds the art. Why should SLOW remain static? Creativity is about evolution, learning and growing so pushing the medium is the organic way things proceed. I digitized the piece, changed the back round and added a fill. The fill is a pixelated variation from an earlier piece done in KRINK markers.


A piece from my wood tag series (more on this soon) it was time to animate them, this is the first one using the puppet warp feature in photoshop. Its a bit rough but Im happily working better with the software now.


Graffiti writing and GIFs from 30,000 feet above the ground. This is the first bubble tag and GIF that I made during a flight. GIFs can be made anywhere at anytime. No internet connection needed to create them or test them. Next step? Projection has always interested me so its time to move them outdoors.

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