(Zach Dougherty’s “Argon” Animated GIF still frame via the No-AD App)


Yesterday seemed by far to be the coldest day of the year in NYC but I had two fun meetings to attend that both related to up and coming NYC projects and exhibitions, both of which related to the animated GIF in public space. Thats right, GIFs are here to stay. On my commute from point A to point B I received an e-mail from the curator of a show I am very grateful to a part of. “Bob-omb” is an all GIF augmented reality exhibition curated by my friend and co-curating colleague of ENCRYPTED FILLS – RJ Rushmore.

NO AD   Transforming the subway into an art gallery copy

The exhibition is accessible via the NO AD app. So, what is NO AD? Here’s how it works. What I love most about this show is the displacement of the work and “how” the viewer can see and experience the exhibition. The viewer must download an app to participate in seeing the show. Will you take that step?

The  No-Ad App blog released this blog post about the show –> released this post about the show  –>


(A screenshot from Bob-omb, featuring stills of art by James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger) and Dave Whyte, via

I didn’t get to see my own work on my first walk through the two subway stations that I needed to be in, but Im sure I will this week. Ill post more pictures here soon

@CreatorsProject added some nice press on the project here –

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