“AT” is a second installment of Animated GIFs created for the NY Transit Museum in Brooklyn.

Animating Transit will be screened both online and offline in the museum’s space on June 24th as part of their Platform – Creative Musings on Mass Transit series. 

Myself and Michael Branson Smith are curating the program using both the museum’s public image archives, as well as your personal everyday content taken from NYC transit and NYC transit experiences!

Are you interested in using your own images and content? Go for it! Or are you interested in using some of the museum’s historic content and images? We have hand selected a series of images that we feel you will be inspired by, to use those, follow this link and download

Animate the hell out of them, merge them together and collaborate! Save in GIF format and keep them under 500 pixels in width and 2MB max (Tumblr requirements). And if that’s a pain, just email what you’ve got and we’ll do our best to make it work! 


GIF by Michael Branson Smith

All submited GIFs will be projected interestingly into the museum space for an event held on Wednesday June 24th from 6pm – 8:30pm. You can get a sense what we did last year, but I expect with lot’s of submissions we’ll be trying a lot of new ideas. Also, we’ll post as many as we can here on and a number of them will end up on the transit museum’s tumblr too.

Essentially, we are all creating the transit museum’s first archive of re-contextualized content of animations and GIFs. Exciting indeed.

We are opening this project up to the public too, so please spread the word as well! 

The deadline to make and submit your GIF(s) will be Sunday June 21st at Midnight! (You can submit as many as you like.)

Please e-mail your GIFs to either Ryan (  or Michael (

Questions? Get in touch! We look forward to seeing your work! 

More details to follow about the live event on Wednesday the 24th.


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